CLOSED - Mansfield & United ELCA Lutheran Sermon Sermons PodCasts

CLOSED - Looking back on this venture now, I am embarrassed to have been involved. I'm leaving this up as a reminder that there is more spirituality in a planted flower or a breeze of air than this particular social get-together. One word: Phoney. Mansfield and United Lutheran sermon podcasts from rural Alden and Walters, Minnesota, USA. Pastor Donny Rose ministers only to local members in attendance, If you are too sick to attend, it's pretty much your end.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

ELCA Lutheran Sermons: Lent 1, "Beatitudes of Promise: The Promise of Comfort"

Sermon 1 from Pastor Rose's 2006 Lenten series, "Beatitudes of Promise"
This episode entitled "The Promise of Comfort"


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